LeagueSimulator.EU is a web game to simulate your own leagues and competitions

Here you can learn how simulate your own RACING competitions. This is just a results and scores simulator. Don't expect to play a game like on Playstation. This game is made to simulate the results with editable fantasy cars. Recreate tour own cars.

racing simulation game info

How to create a new racing game simulation

1- is a free game engine to simulate your fantasy leagues
2- You can create your own fantasy league: Create your racing championship here
(No email required. Just select a league name / password.)
3- Go to edit section. You'll find a list of the cars and their skills Select the car you want, and edit it's skills: level, colors...
Every car has the skills:
  • Driver
  • Engine
  • Top Speed
  • Aerodynamics
  • Grip
  • Braking / Acceleration
  • Reliability
- The most important skills are Driver and Engine. And after Top speed.
- When a race is in the rain, Driver and grip skills become more important, and skills such as engine and top speed lose importance.
- When a circuit is fast, top speed takes on more importance
- Reliability only used to see if the car has more or less chances of finishing the race. The more reliable, the more likely it is that the car will not suffer any accidents or breakdowns
5- Go to play section. Here you can consult the table of your fantasy competition.

racing simulation standings

6 - Here you can start to simulate the races. Select view results to simulate the race: (at the moment, only results available. Coming soon to can see the race)

racing game simulation play

7 - You will be able to see the photo finish of the race with the cars and their position:

racing game simulation match

8 - Toogle the stats button (left bottom corner) and could see the details of the race results:

racing game simulation match

8 - On the play / all races section you can see all the races result
9 - Consult as always the history of your competition
11 - More info about racing:
At the moment it is on a Beta version