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League Simulator is an online amateur website game that allows you to simulate your own sports competitions

This website allows you to simulate your own games and competitons of different sports. But not to play the games: it is just an online sim.

It's free and it will be. I like the concept of a website open to all, and it won't change it in the future.

It is not mandatory, but very recommended. For different reasons: 1) A user allows you to group all your leagues and competitions in one place. You do not have to remember the password for each league you create 2) Having all the leagues together allows you to copy, modify, etc. If you do not have a user account you will not have these options. 3) Leagues without user, will be erased automatically 1 month after your last login. Therefore, if you stop using them, they will disappear automatically 4) and do not worry, since you do not have to report your email, you do not have to give any confidential information and you will not receive any kind of notifications

You have 3 great league models to create:
1) Create your own competitions with numerous possible schedules (leagues with round robin systems, cup, world cup or champions league formats)
2) Create your regular competitions in the USA , or leagues where the teams play in two different conferences. You have different schedules to choose from
3) Recreate the main real competitions that are played all over the world. . You can simulate the schedules of the main world competitions with their teams. You can also modify the participating teams

When you have already created a league, you can start to simulate it. To get started, go to the equipment and settings editing section , and there you can modify the default skils. Once you have modified the equipment to your liking, you can go to the section play and from there you can simulate the games, consult the fixtures, the history of the competition and if you play a league with editable players, you could consult as well basic stats.

To start, When you're in the play section, you can start simulating matches. You have 3 options to see the result: In the "Next Match" section
1) If you click on the next game, you will only see the result of the match
2) By clicking on the button on the right (field), you will go to the game simulation screen. To simulate it you only see pressing the "Click to next play" button and the game will be simulating the game
3) In the "next week" section, you can simulate all the matches of the day at a time. (attention, this is not available for final phase matches)

This option is not available for games of final stages (playoffs, final games, ...).

See the edit section . Select a team and you can change the name of the team, the colors of the t-shirt, the color of the hair and the skin of the players, and in some cases the size of the stadium for that team. If you are playing a league with editable players, you can go to the players edition section and there you will change these parameters.

The simulation engine is based on the levels you put yourself on your computers. Therefore, a team with more good offensive and defensive levels will have many more options to win their matches. It has been tried to make an engine that is quite accurate with reality, with results as realistic as possible.

But there is a important random factor. So if you play with a level 6 team and a level 4 team, don't expect the level 6 team to always win.
En canvi, si un equip té nivell 9 i l'altre nivell 1, a pesar del factor random, l'equip superior guanyarà un 99% dels partits.

Indeed, as happens in reality, local teams have a certain advantage over visitors.

At the moment (December 2019) there are only 2 sports with editable players: football (soccer) and basketball. When you create a league, you can select the sport, and if you choose basketball or football, you have both options: play with editable players or not.

My intention is to continue to maintain and improve this website. It's true that this is just a hobby, and since I have another job and family obligations, I do not have much time to dedicate. But I will continue slowly trying to improve and bring improvements in this simulator. Never the users will have to pay for it. It will be free.

Many people are asking for new sports. Yes, I will add. But at the moment it is not my priority. At the moment I will try to add functionalities and improve on existing sports at this time. Similarly, I have to do a lot of invisible work for the user to make the web continue working. The truth is that there is currently a very high number of users, which I did not expect when I started this project, and some aspects should be redesigned to prevent the website from ending up.

Maybe next sports will be field hockey, rugby league...

Please contact us if you have another question.