About LeagueSimulator.EU

LeagueSimulator is a personal website. Developed by ardebof at Barcelona, LeagueSimulator was born as a website to learn new IT features.

Beginning to improve my JavaScript, I started a simple game years ago. Every new topic I was interested, I learned and practiced it and uploaded it to this website: Photoshop, PHP, HTML, SEO...Finally, at the beginning of the 2016 I've set up the current LeagueSimulator website. Now, it's 1 year this game was created.

Currently, this website is starting to have many visits. In this first year, this game had more than 1 million of visited pages! But, because I can not spend much time developing and testing, I ask you helping me if you find errors or or if you simply want to propose some new feature/functionality. Not easy to develop many new features because my professional and personal obligations. But I will try to continue improving the website and developing the new features you are proposing me.

Because is a non profit website, LeagueSimulator is hosted on a free hosting, so sometimes website doesn't work as fast as I'd like and even sometimes it has some server errors. I apologize for it, and thanks to understand that problems.

League simulator is not an xbox or playstation type game. You're not going to controll the players during the match. It is more like a simulator - manager game, where you can edit all the teams and simulate the results of the competition.

This game is focused on being able to simulate the main world sport competitions: there are some already predefined competitions and if you can not find the competition you want to simulate, you can create it yourself.

This game is also ideal for creating fictional (not real) leagues. Create your own competition with real or invented teams. As far as I know, there are a couple of geofiction communities that are using this simulator to emulate their own leagues.