LeagueSimulator.EU is a web game to simulate your own leagues and competitions

Here you can learn how simulate your own RUGBY leagues and competitions. This is just a results and scores simulator. Don't expect to play a game like on Playstation. This game is made to simulate the results with editable fantasy teams. Recreate a famous competitions around: World Cup, Super Rugby, the 6 nations or just play with your fantasy league and teams.

rugby simulation game info

How to create a new rugby game simulation

1- is a free game engine to simulate your fantasy leagues
2- You can create your own fantasy league: Create your rugby competition here
But as well, if you prefer, you can play our predefined leagues:
(No email required. Just select a league name / password.)
3- At league home section, you can edit some league settings:
league settings
Here you can select how team skills will vary. Every season the teams could:
  • Teams will have a fixed level
  • Change their skills based on cards game "the capitalist": the first 3 teams will get the biggest skills, the last 3 teams will get the lowest skills.
  • Each team may have a random change in their level at the end of the season. But this change will have a tendency to return to its initial level
  • Every season teams could have a RANDOM variation of their levels.
4- Go to edit section. You'll find a list of the teams and their level skills Select the team you want, and edit it's skills: offensive level, deffensive level, t-shirt colors, ...
5- Go to play section. Here you can consult the standings of your fantasy league.

rugby league simulation standings

6 - Here you can start to simulate the scores. Select view results or simulate view game:

rugby game simulation play

7i - If you've selected just to view the score, you will see that view:

rugby game simulation match

And go back to league standings or play next match.
7ii - If you've selected view game, you'll see:

rugby game simulation match

Hit "click to next play" button to view next play ultill the match finishes.
8 - Go to play fixtures section to consult the schedule of your league.
9 - Go to play history section to consult all the former champions of your league.
10 - Go back home if you want to load your league you created before.